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We have some really exciting news, from our Choices Rotherham & Sheffield service and wanted to share this with everyone…

Supporting our PRIDE values and other related pledges to support further digital innovation, we’ve decided to introduce a brand new rostering system, to one of our services soon!

This new system, called ‘Care Line Live’, along with its own accompanying ‘Companion App’, will be launched throughout our ‘Choices Rotherham & Sheffield’ service and will replace ‘Webroster and Webroster Bee’ from Monday 1st November 2021.

Amongst other beneficial functions and features, ‘Care Line Live’ will support with the following:

– Reducing the amount of paperwork kept in a service user’s home.

– Allow staff to key notes directly into the system, so they can be recorded more effectively and quickly

– Easy access for staff to check tasks and other information in the accompanying mobile ‘Companion App’.

We are sure that this new venture will support us in our mission to continue providing an even more safe and effective, ‘service to be proud of’!

Supporting Our Vision: ‘…to deliver a service to be proud of!’

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